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Default Vitali calls out the gratest SNV....

WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko is still hopes to get it on with Russian Nikolai Valuev.
Vitali still believes in the possibility to converge with Valuev : "I actually would have great pleasure in meeting with Valuev. But Nicholas still not decided his future: whether it will continue to box or for tormenting his injuries ,finally goes into politics ? I think that the fight against Valuev would attract much attention. And not only post-Soviet block. So if Nicholas is interesting, let them get in touch "- sums up the Ukrainian.

and latest on SNV... (google translation)
Russian boxer, former world champion Nikolay Valuev is going to go for two days in the Kemerovo region of the country in an expedition to search for Bigfoot.

Valuev will go in search of Bigfoot / AP

This is the official site of the athlete.
The expedition will last two days - 15 and September 16.
"I'm going to Shoria Mountain because it is a very beautiful place, about which I've heard a lot, but never been there. I know a few natives there in the first place, of course, boxer George Arbachakova. Jura, by the way, told me about prediction about the appearance of shamans big man who will bring good fortune Mountain Shoria. It's nice that people think about me. pleasure was that I was invited to meet personally with local people and customs of this region. This interesting place with an ancient history and its special aura. there before still a strong tradition and rituals and it is very interesting. Mountain Shoria worthy to rank among the most unusual corners of the world "- said Valuev.
According to an athlete, he was always interested in the legend of the yeti.
"Now about the yeti. Search History Bigfoot has more than a dozen years. Evidence that the Yeti exists there before the Revolution. I was always interested in the topic. Especially, memories of the Roerich guardians of hidden caves - snow people. I belong to the category of people for which the better to see once than a thousand words. The expedition I'm going to make your own opinion at the expense of the existence of Bigfoot in the Mountain Shoria. Do I believe that we will come and find him? We're adults. This is about the same thing to go and find the Loch Ness monster at once or open Atlantis. Trying to find a snowman made serious scholars, and for a long time ", - admitted Valuev.
The athlete added that he wanted to see a snowman with my own eyes.
"In Kemerovo this year to host international conference on the topic, where scientists come from all over the world. Rather, smoke without fire. Definitely say that this phenomenon exists or not can not no one to date. I like a man used to really look at things, I'm going to see everything with my own eyes. Even in such a short time. After the expedition, I will gladly share his knowledge of snow people. then I'm going with my favorite camera and will photograph everything, "- he said.
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