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Default Re: Vitali calls out the gratest SNV....

Originally Posted by TerryESB View Post
I am starting to aggitiated that the K brothers are picking out Hayes best wins Mormeck and Valuev and trying to make Haye look bad by kicking there ****.
Don't worry, brah. REAL fans know the truth. Haye softened up Mormeck so Wlad might beat him. Perhaps SNV and Haye softened each other up so they might, with some sort of poisoning beat them, with corrupt judges, of course. It's similar to Mayweather ruining Manny's opponents then Manny comes along and chops them down and yells "I'm uhhhhhhhhhh....unnn...ummmm de best! I beat corpse victim of May-uhhhhhhhhhhhh-wedder!" Pinoys and Ukrainians both...
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