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Default Re: Juxhin's Training Log

Originally Posted by Filthy McNasty View Post
You've only been training for two months? Nice looking combo's with good speed - you must have a good coach and some work ethic.

You might want to increase that swim time a bit, it's helpful in so many ways.

Have you done any sparing yet?
Thanks alot mate, everyones telling me im going very good and very impressive but as you can see i do train as hard i can and its the thing i love most. I think i started boxing slightly late, i see a very few fighters age 17 around the world and they already have their pro license which is what i dream for. Ye i should do some good swimmin but i usually use it to cool down after the jog. Sparring.. yes i've sparred a few times.. but nothing really special maybe 2 rounds just to try it out, and yes i got to amazing coaches which are very young ( both 24 years old and pros). Thanks again for the feedback
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