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Default Re: Bayram vs Baysangurov

Originally Posted by Fitir
Poor excuses that shouldn't have been given if Baysangurov was a true champion. He didn't "beat" Bayram for the EBU title. The decision is not a scandal of course but I had it a draw and for such a close fight it would have been fair.
You have to be ready for a title fight and a 10 months layoff is not unusual in modern boxing, it's normal. About the pressure he was not in the main event and he had his amateur background. Watch fights with the young Juan Diaz. Truth is that Baysangurov was unable to dominate Bayram in terms of technical skills.
I have to agree. Even if Baysangurov did not have a good day, he sure did not show ANY sensational skills. It looked to be a B-class fight. Just two B-class boxers. Someone like Lukas Konechy would had easilly beaten Baysangurov last night, although Konechy aint even close of being a world class fighter. I would pick even someone like Brice Faradji over Baysangurov.

Don´t hype this guy before he shows any skills!
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