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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
A guy goes down from a monstrous full-force flush knee to the face, so he automatically has "no Chin. None". ****ing mental.

"no Chin. None" = Chuck Liddell getting sparked by an innocuous punch with no leverage from Rich Franklin.

"no Chin. None" does not equal eating a massive knee to the face from Jake Ellenberger, and getting finished with a rapidfire volley of punches to the skull.

You Chincheckers are far too irrational for my liking. There are certain instances which do equal a guy having **** punch resistance, but a guy getting stopped for the 1st time in 30+ fights from a huge knee to the chin ain't one of them.

Rich Franklin had his face massacred by Anderson's knees multiple times before he fell down. Rampage ate dozens of knees to the dome from two of the best Thai clinch fighters ever and was only starched cold one out of three times that it happened. Franklin has an average Chin and Rampage has a great Chin. If a guy gets flatlined with one ****ing knee and some hammerfists, he has no Chin.
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