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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Well this is a ''those shot wouldnt ko anybody'' statement if ever Ive read one. Dismiss the punches to the Glass Jaw as potshotting
It was. Koch wouldn't put together more than two punches for fear that the Vanilla Gorilla would take him down.

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
How ever that's not the issue, Glass Gimmicks are the topic for discussion


Im not interested in your League scores or fight breakdowns, I concede you do very well in both.Im interested in you being a Glass Gimmicked fraud

Let's examine it Of the guys in your prospect watch you named

Dan Hardy didnt get kod 0-1

Forrest got ktfo 1-1

Rivera didnt get ktfo 1-2

Big Nog didnt get ktfo 1-3

Shields got ktfo 2-3

Dunham didnt 2-4

Neither did Brookings 2-5
Rivera didn't get KOed because the guy that I picked to do it dropped out of the fight and we got a bum in his place. A bum that I might add nearly did KTFO that Glass Jawed Joke. I didn't pick Dunham to get flatlined by Shamar Failey because it was apparent that a one-dimensional wrestler wasn't going to have any success with him, so that's irrelevant. I just said that he had a Glass Jaw and that it will shatter.

And that's the point of the Glass Jaw Prospect Watch. It's not that I'm going to be 100% right about WHEN they shatter and some of them may prove to have solid whiskers, but I BELIEVE that they have subpar punch resistance and when it happens, WHENEVER it happens, I'm going to let you know that I was right. If a guy ends up showing ridiculous punch resistance in a bout then I will gladly admit that I was wrong, but that hasn't happened yet. I might change my mind about Hardy's British Glass but he's going to have to suffer abuse from someone less feather fisted than Lytle for me to do that.

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
So as evidenced by your crowing about the Shields call but ignoring or dimissing the other two fights, and indeed the rest of them from the previosu thread in which I schooled you about GG's as ''those shots wouldnt ko anybody'' or just plain ignoring them, you are running a good old fashioned Rainmaking scam

When as guy doesnt get kodded, dismiss it as ''Oh he'll ge t ko'd soon'' which equates too ''Oh it will rain tomorrow''But when someone does get ktfo, you crow like you are a genius which equates too ''I made it rain, pay me''

Thank you for your time, I await the predictable responses that Nev pointed out earlier in the other thread thread which go along the lines of

Fact still remains whether you are a great Chinchecker or not though

Glass Gimmicks exist in forums
It's a bit different because it's guaranteed that the rain will come eventually but there are Iron-Chinned Warriors who will not be KTFOed. If I say a guy has a Glass Jaw and he manages not to get tagged in one fight but he's put down by the first flush punch in his next fight, I'd say it's pretty apparent that I was right and that I realized his Chin was not up to snuff.

And yes, Nev is fully aware of exactly what my response will be because that's all I need to prove my point. My stellar, some might say encyclopedic, knowledge of pugilism is repeatedly proven by my oustanding record when picking fights and the deniers who refuse to accept my utter domination of them scream, "you don't know **** about fighting" when it's readily apparent that that isn't the case. That's why when those douchebags want to say that I'm going to throw their disgraceful Prediction League totals in their face, along with everything else that I feel makes them look foolish.

"You have pathetic understanding of the sport as proven by your abysmal Prediction League record and horrid posts" > "You suck because you're a Chinchecker".
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