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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Point is MM, you be one of the better posters on this board if you simply pointed this out, It was clear from the TUF final that Brookins is a ko waiting to happen the amounts of times he gets caught flat footed with his chin up by a shot is undeniable. And when his remedy is to move straight backwards often getting caught by the follow up for his trouble, the writing is on the wall when he steps up in class and cant tie someone up

But my point is, you've chose to stick you tongue in the rim of Zakman and his glass gimmicked fan boys. And your blatant fanboyism and Glass Gimmicked denial are hilarious for me to watch. And the responses you clearly like implicating from the likes of Ai-edy and Beekeeper with Diaz/Aoki fan boy jibes are the exact same responses that I get from you when I question your Glass Gimmick Denial. You could be a good poster if you dropped the gimmick, but you wont, and your fanboyism is on a par with anyone's on this forum, you just dont realise/acknowledge it

The irony is hilarious too me. This is the 1st time Ive opened this thread for a while, and it will probably be the last.
So your point is this; I'm really one of the best posters here and more people would realize that if I didn't point out that Glass Jaws exist and then find great fun when I'm proven right about these China Chinned Chumps?

First of all, I'm hugely entertained by how wildly these fanboys react to every nasty blanket statement I make, and secondly, I really do feel that discussion is limited by the fact that most posters on ESB, boxing or MMA, let hero worship dictate their opinions. An intelligent discussion is impeded by fans of fighters rather than fans of these two sports and the "don't disrespect the fighters" bit is stale and unwelcome for a guy that grew up reading and listening to no holds bars commentators like Bert Sugar, Larry Merchant, and Nat Fleischer, and McIlvaney.

Because of this blatant avoidance of reality, I find it far more entertaining to offer my insight where welcome, but laced with barbs that I know will **** off a certain set of what I call "fanboys" or "deniers", or if you're completely put off by the Chincheckers, just plain ****ing idiots. If you're intelligent enough, and Stoo, Popkins, Rekcutnevets, and others are, you can ignore what I direct towards that set and take what you like, but instead you all focus on one bit of my posts and waste your own time with that. Be smart, if you really think that my constant jabbing at these people is stupid, read the good parts because I will be very kind and say that you lot are all smart enough not waste your own time being trolled by me.
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