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Default Re: ESB Classic Forum All-Time Rankings by Division (Lightweights Updated-December 8)

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inthe alltime lightweight poll of ESB,I would put Benny Leonard NO I, because he dominated the lightweight division for 7 years, against the strongest challengers in the history of the division. Duran ,I would place along with Ike Williams, and Tony Canzoneri, NO 2 and 3, with Joe Gans, great fighter of the long ago past in the mix....But for ESB poll ,putting Pernell Whitaker NO4 is ludercrous...For example, Henry Armstrong, or a young, volume punching Beau Jack [who I saw many times],wouldsimply overwhelm Whitaker. Pernell could only dodge so many bullets, before his luck would run out...I would also bet the ranch that Shane Mosely as lightweight would whip Whitaker.....
Mosley beating whitaker. You must be joking.
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