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Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
If he can hang with Castillo, Freitas and Corrales then Kindelan is getting tamed.

Diaz would war with Kindelan and it looks like Diaz would be all over him for 12 rounds.
Thats my point if El Capillo (a good cuban boxer) can hang with Chico, Popo and JLC, then a ATG cuban boxer like Mario would tear them and Casamayor a new asshole. Kindelan is quicker, hits harder, and doesnt get hit.

How do you war with one of the best defences i've ever seen in boxing...He doesn't get involved in wars.

I give Diaz a chance but in all likelyhood Kindelan will just be too elusive.

There is no lightweight from the last 15 years pro or amateur who is skilled as Kindelan. The Kindelan who faced Khan was a shadow of himself, and I include the olympic final he won so easily. That is why Khan will have to wait a while til he fights someone on his level. Although the transition from am to pro does make a difference, but not in skill levels.
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