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Default Re: Big Daddy's Boxing Log - The making of a legend.

Bad news. The Shamrock Closed.

I talked to my old coach, Terry, the other day and he told me he had to sell the building. He's not running a private gym out of his home.

Looks like I need a new gym. Also, Shamrock needs a new home.

To try to help out like this:

Originally Posted by Slacker View Post

Last night my coach and I met with a local sports complex and got an approval to use a small ring, heavy bag and speed bag for individual lessons.

They like the idea of bringing a new sport to the complex and that we have a reputable coach.

Of course they are skimming money out of our hourly rate...

We are thinking of charging $60 for an hour session. Considering their equipment and space, we think we can maybe have 5 -6 people going at once. The coach in the ring doing mitts and instruction and me going station to station giving instruction.

I've registered for my USBA Coaching Certification and should be going to a certification clinic this Spring.

Do you think that price is fair? To high? To low? What do training sessions cost at your gym?

And like this:

Originally Posted by Slacker View Post
OK, in case anyone wants the update...

My trainer stood me up after I did all the sales pitching and got the health club to allow us to be personal trainers there.

Later he told me that he didn't care for their equipment and was going to train fighters out of his home instead.

I give up.

I'm going to have to find (or start) a new gym. I want to train as well as coach, but there just aren't may options in town and none that are closer than 40 minutes in the car.

I did throw him one last bone.. On July 17th I had organized a 5K run for a local orphanage and the news crew showed up to interview me. Between interviews I mentioned the boxing gym situation to the reporter and gave her my coaches phone number and address.

Here is a link to the story they did on the 5K that I organized:

Here is a link to the story that just ran on my old gym:

You can read the entire thread here:
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