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Default Re: Rakim's Christmas log.

Originally Posted by Rakim View Post
I doubt I'll update this regularly but I'd like somewhere to set some targets and stuff. I wish I'd done the whole taking photos and making note of every step when I first started doing a bit of lifting, so I might as well do a little bit now. Here's a reasonably accurate list of what I can do at the moment....

Deadlift: 130kg
Squat: 80kg (haven't done these in a while, I made 90 before but I'll say 80 for now).
Bench: 90kg
Pull-ups: 6
Chin-ups: 9
Military Press: 50kg

Forgot all about this thread.

Current records:-

Deadlift:- 152.5kg
Squat:- 120kg
Bench:- 105kg for 2 reps.
Miltary press:- 65kg for 2 reps.

Chins and Pull-ups are about the same as last time. I've gained weight and strength.
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