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Default Re: UFC fans...are just...

Originally Posted by ufoalf
Yea, its upsetting but cultures are different. It will never be this way here so you might as well just get used to it. I bet you 100% they will boo Fedor cause they dont ****ing know the history behind him.

The whole time on the ground in Florian fight or Sylvia you HAD to knowing something about submissions to know how the somethings just breezed by. Or how people starting screaming No in Sherk fight in a guillotine with an arm wasn't gona finish Sherk. Blah fans in stands are just butch of straight up rednecks who want to see someone get their face ****ed up.
yep they'll boo fedor just like they did at the american pride show. . . . .wait a minute they pretty much hugged his nuts the during his whole fight! even tho he was fighting a american plus fedor has a very entertaining style and never lnp his way to victory

and i can't really understand your second paragraph, so it's wrong for the fans to have a favorite?
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