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Default Re: UFC fans...are just...

Originally Posted by boxingcar
****ing pathetic...can we even call these ****ers "fans" anyway?
I get the feeling that most of these dumb ****s just bought their tickets and decided to attend this show out of curiosity...
I assume you're just talking about the people who want to see a fight and not the people who actually care about the sport and are still UFC fans?

Going on that basis, I agree, I ****ing hate them. I personally try to disrespect another fighter, especially by booing them when I'm at a live event. Don't just make such a broad generalzation as the title of this thread though.

This **** is all the same though. submission fighting isn't a simple thing that a person can just sit down and understand pretty much what is going on (see boxing), you must learn it and understand it to enjoy ground fighting. If not, then the average person justs see it as lay and pray, while a person with knowledge of the sport can see the difference between trying to advance their position no matter how slight compared to stalling the rd.
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