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Default Re: Henderson vs. Rampage

Originally Posted by Iron Duke
I tell you what, Nobuyuki Sakakibara must feel like complete **** at the moment.
He probably sold PRIDE in good faith thinking it will be kept alive in its then current state, the Ferttitas said so much bull**** at that conference about how they respected PRIDE and loved it and will keep it alive for the Japenese fans.......then gutted it of all talentand installing ***** unified rules.

The unfied rules system is very slowly starting to take away the entire reason why, vale tudo/ufc was created.

I mean christ! it doesn't have to be like early UFC's but no knees or kicks to the head on a grounded opponent?
What will they ban next?
Are they going to ban punching opponents on the ground? Elbows? kicks to the head?

Will it become essentially boxing+grappling and move futher and further away from what MMA is really all about!
The fact of the matter is that Pride wasn't making a large enough profit after the fighter pay outs, etc etc without a TV deal. When their Japanese television sponsor dropped them, they had 5-6 more fight cards. They might of lasted a bit longer if they hadn't try to come into the mainstream American market at the time they did. Sakakibara is a very well known asshole, he backs out of deals and makes other possible deals impossible with his negotiations. If the copy wasn't at deaths door to begin with how come DSE sold out for all of 50 million?

Blame Sakakibara for being a asshole, he murdered his baby.
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