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Default Re: Sky's mocking of Martinez P4P status

Originally Posted by oli View Post
I wanted to jump into the TV and tell them all to shut the **** up.

Was anyone else surprised to hear how they basically all **** on Sergio Martinez last night? It actully went beyond that, it was as if none of them even rate him as a top fighter. Im talking about the studio guys particularly Nelson and woodhall. They mocked his rating as a P4P man by saying things like 'no way is he one of the P4P best' and 'hes extremly beatable' 'he is nowhere near pac and mayweathers level' 'a few fighters will fancy their chances seeing this' 'he is completely overated'.

They seemed to talk down his wins over Pavlik and Williams as if they were just average wins. Fair enough it was quite a ****ty performance by Martinez who clearly didnt take this seriously but jesus christ shouldnt these SKY pundits know a bit better? Sometimes a fighter has an off day and Barker did well. But these ****wits went on like they just dont rate him at all.
they talk **** about a real fighter who fights everyone...and worship haye who fought no one.... makes sense in this new world order
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