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Default Re: Toney vs wlad 2012. In USA

Originally Posted by Baldwin View Post
People are still ****ting on toney and he is at 2011 right now. Stop actng like little *****es. Looks good to me . After he smashes that nobodie that thinks he great from beating a shell of a shell of a shell jones , he will fight wlad. I think thats toney plan. He wasnt getting his shot being fat and inactive. I have no prob will wlad vs toney.

Toney is a warrior and been calling him out for years.

Bring it on. Bottom line toney can fight.

215 220 jacked. Motivated toney deserves a shot. Way better than mormeck and in some books the # 1 american HW

If iy happens. Win lose or draw. It would be exciting built up and fight
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