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Default Re: Toney vs wlad 2012. In USA

Originally Posted by Baldwin View Post
People are still shitting on toney and he is at 2011 right now. Stop actng like little bitches. Looks good to me . After he smashes that nobodie that thinks he great from beating a shell of a shell of a shell jones , he will fight wlad. I think thats toney plan. He wasnt getting his shot being fat and inactive. I have no prob will wlad vs toney.

Toney is a warrior and been calling him out for years.

Bring it on. Bottom line toney can fight.

215 220 jacked. Motivated toney deserves a shot. Way better than mormeck and in some books the # 1 american HW

If iy happens. Win lose or draw. It would be exciting built up and fight
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