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Default Sergio Martinez LYING about his Walk Around Weight (PROOF)

On going up in weight, Sergio tells ESPN:

"But going up directly to 168 would be suicidal. I walk around at less than 168 when I'm not even training, usually at about 165. I'm definitely not ready for that division."

On fighting Manny Pacquiao @ 150, Sergio tells Ring magazine:

"It's an incredible effort for my body. I walk around at 178 with a maximum of 3.2 percent body fat. I have very little body fat and I'm very muscular. To go down to that weight can be fatal to my health."

Then today, Sampson Lewkowicz (Sergio's advisor) told the Scene that he and DiBella will never let Sergio fight at 168 and that Sergio is a natural junior middleweight and possibly even a welterweight.

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