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Default Re: UFC fans...are just...

Originally Posted by doefler182
ye of little faith. ok lets look at why they would like fedor
1 he's got a good record
2 he's got good striking
3 he can easily submit people
4 he can come out of nowhere and get a win while losing
5 he looks like your drunk uncle that you always cheered for when he got in a fight
6 he's modest
7 he's a robot
8 he's beat a bunch of fighters they no of in america

ok here's why they wouldnt like him
1 he's russian
2 he's from pride

which one seems to overweigh the other???
See the thing is the Pride show in america mainly drew people who KNOW pride. UFC fans in the stands mainly DONT know pride.

I agree with the points you made but how will all the fans know all of that? Thats gona have to be at least an hour promotion to give them all the history he has. That is A LOT of money to put down on one person. The little promotion will give him the insight on "He's dominated pride, he's from Russia, be afraid" That will not be enough.

I also wasn't talking about croud favorites i was talking about the ground game that was goin on in Silva and Florians fights. Croud only saw hugging, but i actually saw there was quite few close moments where it could've been a good submission.

Back to Fedor. I hope he comes to UFC ASAP.
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