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Default I have always supported the Klitschkos. But what Wlad is doing is a disgrace

I don't care about the reasoning. Maybe Wlad just thinks its cool to fight someone French? This is an offensive choice of an opponent. This is a guy with 0 good wins at the weight. I'm honestly angry about this fight because as a fan I don't want to see him in there with a slow undersized old guy who is under 6 feet tall and has done nothing at all to deserve the fight. Doesn't have to be Helenius this second. But if Wlad does not fight Helenius in 2012 he has no *****. If Wlad is really the best he should prove it by fighting guys not based on the marketing of the fight but based on who may pose the greatest threat to him. Fight Amir Mansour before you fight Jean Mormeck. Fight Cedric Boswell. Fight ****ing Kali Meehan before you fight Mormeck. What a joke. Do the right thing and cut this ***** bull****. I hope its his promoters doing and Wlad just takes a backseat either way he's soft
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