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Default Re: I have always supported the Klitschkos. But what Wlad is doing is a disgrace

Originally Posted by MrPeterson View Post
Cristobal would never turn down a fight with the Klitschko's, after Cristobal destroys Big Zo in Mexico and maybe 1 more fight then I think he will meet Wladimir in the ring
Arreola is CURRENTLY positioning himself for an eliminator with Rahman for Potvetkin Holyfield so don't talk **** you don't know about.

As for Lawrence. Monsour, Meehan, Boz etc etc etc etc etc etc me one with better wins in the last 12 mos than Tiggy and Oquendo.

It aint happening. me a win by ARREOLA better than TIGGY or Oquendo. You cant.

Wlad was gonna fight Chisora last fall....14-0 with a couple decent wins, but look how he turned out. Monsour is almost 40 himself, and beat a LETHARGIC Guinn, who outboxed Monsour much of the fight.

As for Helenius, ****ING forget about it. Robbe wants NO part of either brother this year or the next. He's got Chagaev, Haye, McCall, Potvekin, Adamek, and Rahman on his radar. He'll make 3 of those fights before he considers a K2.

Mormeck, for all his size, has more ***** that Arreola, Haye, and the rest of the pretenders, like DelBoy before him, he accepted the offer to fight for the titles, unlike Haye, Arreola, and the posers lining themselves up behind the WBA kiddie belt.

DEAL with it.
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