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Default Re: If Sherk is not taking roids then...

Originally Posted by boxingcar
whether you're right or wrong...The thing I really wanna that how come after all these years....the guy has never tested positive?

and don't tell me that they're never 'testing' them...cause they're very serious about this...
Boxingcar anyone with ANY decent knowledge of steroids knows when to cycle on and off so they dont get caught.You can clean your body out of all traces of steroid hormones in under 3 days.If the NSAC random test then we can presume Sean is not on steroids.But if they dont there is a likelyhood that he may be on gear as guys that are only 5ft 6 should not be 170lbs.He came down from 170 to make 55 and still looks like a beast.His certainly blessed theres no questioning this but its impossible to say definitivly that his on gear.
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