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Default Re: Alex Ariza says Marquez will be taken out in 3 rounds...

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dont be naive...allot of u on here are straight fools if u think this fight is going past 2 rnds...marques cant take pac's punch mosley is a full blown ww and he only got knocked down twice in his career...pac destroyed all these bigger guys and some of u saying its going to be gruling just cuz marques saying he is trying to ko pac...not happening, but if he tries it will be waaay worst for marques....this is what will happen....once marques feels that power he wont get up...i promise....marques is 40 yrs old and he is a light weight...he fights at 135...pac is fighting him at 144...not only is he old but he is too small and he is not a ww....marques will die after this happened to srr...he hit a guy so hard, he died in the hospital the next day...this is not a fight its a bully everyone save ur money and do the live stream...anyone who pays for this is basically throwing money away..if they fought at 135 it would be worth it even tho marques is old as hell but no matter what weight they fight at, i see pac stopping him in 2 rnds at the most....i have 15 grand in my bank account, and i am willing to give my bank number away on the message boards if it goes any longer....anyone wants some money hit me up and i will split it up between u idiots who doubt me...i swear if this fight gets past 2 rnds im posting my bank number on word!
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