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Default Re: Wladimir should have fought Toney / Holyfield.

Originally Posted by AJ5 View Post
I find it a little disturbing that you and others want to see Toney get beat up. He's a harmless old guy who likes to talk in effort to squeeze out some last big pay days. Who cares. Show some respect and say that he needs to retire before he causes anymore neurological damage instead of suggesting he needs a beating.
I think 90% off the boxing world has been suggesting retirement and it hasn't worked

It's all based on their personality's. Holyfield and Toney might both think they can beat the Klitschko's but just look at the way each of them handles themselves. Holyfield is respectful and a great heavyweight champ. Toney is a fat ***** who was a great champion at middle weight and super middle weight. That tosses insults about the brothers and their mother around like it's a broken record. Talks **** about their recent opponents and fails to acknowledged his have been 100% worse.

It all comes down to the way you conduct yourself. If your gonna act like a **** and talk all that ****, then you deserve to get beat like a **** on a virgin.

About the only thing I'd feel good about if Holyfield fought a Klitschko is, that he would finally get one last big payday.

In any case at this point in time, a victory over either of them would do nothing to escalate the Klitschkos in my eyes.

And yes, as I insult Toney by calling him a fat *****. I am fully aware he could literally kill me. Something he is clearly not about the klitschko's.

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