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Default Re: MARQUEZ Recent SPARRING Footage!

Originally Posted by welb View Post
This dope has a decent observation for once. JMM was looking just as strong in the leadup to the Mayweather fight. He will be too slow and he is going to get badly hurt. My god, look at how often the primitive oaf Katsidis landed on him.
I've been observing this sport for over 30 years, you know zero about it.
You're a novice, a begginer, an amatuer......

A great like Marquez is not going to approach Pacquiao the way he did Katsidis.

I heard this same bull**** you're spewing prior to Marquez 2nd fight with Pacquiao. Everyone pointed to Pacquiao's demolition of Morales and pointed to Marquez gettting hit some against his most recent opposition (a situation where Marquez turned to brawling more to be more marketeable.)

......the Katsidis fight was Marquez being in the same situation he was back then before the Pacquiao rematch.
A situation where his approach is to make the fight exciting for the fans so that he could land that 3rd fight with Pacquiao and it sells........

I guarantee you one thing. Marquez is not going to plant his feet and trade mano a mano with Pacquiao.

The approach is completely different against Katsidis, that it will vs Pacquiao.
A novice like yourself should read and get educated.
Ask questions and dont have so many opinions when you know jack **** about the fight game!

Sorry I had to put it in those terms, but he had it coming.
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