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Default Revisiting & re-scoring...Fernando Guerrero vs. Ishe Smith

This past Thursday, there was a bit of a meltdown on the part of noted spoiler Ishe "Sugar Shay" Smith as he spammed his followers' Facebook walls with the following miniature tirade over the course of about an hour:

"Apart of me died 7-16-2010, u will never know what it feels like to give urself to something and feel cheated. I know I won that fight."

"That hunger that drives me died, its been hard to get back, this Fan, family, and u guys have helped me get it back, thank you so much"

"Let's me one thing clear, I aint going to cry over it, but I didn't feel I beat Powell or Jacobs, but Guerrero, I know I won that."

that's what hurt the most, I have hated this #!@%*#ty sport ever since that day. Not everything is going to be perfect, and I know nothing is easy, and with trials there is no Glory, I apologize for not always giving you the best fights, but as God as my witness, I promise to never give u a dull again, and I will always train and prepare 150%, and when God says its time, I will go with my head held high."

It's interesting that of all his losses (all decisions and all competitive, with scoring depending much on "what you like") this is the only one he's bitter about.

How did you score it?

On the night, I had it 95-93 for Smith (having taken I believe the first three and last three with the 8th a 10-8 his way, and Guerrero sweeping 4-7 with the 6th a 10-8 for him) and thought Guerrero was a little lucky to avoid his first defeat and that 97-91 for him was out of line.

I'm looking forward to giving it a fresh look and seeing if my score comes out any different a year later.

For those who didn't see/score it live...or those like me who want to give this tough one another go:


Full round-by-round scores and final tallies, please.
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