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Default Re: Revisiting & re-scoring...Fernando Guerrero vs. Ishe Smith

Originally Posted by DemolitionDan View Post
Borked? Facebook? Que?

I do feel bad for him, it really is tough to really really deep down in your heart you know you won, but the judges don't give you the decision. I know what he means and I can 100% understand. One moment in 2011 that really sticks out in my mind is Mike Dallas not getting the decision against Herrera. It really is gutwretching and really does take your heart out. Anyway, I'm getting a bit off topic, but I think watching it live I had it a draw, I'll rewatch and rescore the fight in the next couple of days.

I'm guessing your confusion in the first line meant that the Youtube videos didn't show up for you (ESB comes up with the message "Borked" for improperly embedded/dead link Youtube URLs) - but all four show up fine for me. Try refreshing?

...and if not enough context was given in the OP, yeah - I'm pals with Sugar Shay on Facebook. He actually later apologized for spamming everyone's feed and said that he noticed it even got him deleted by a bunch of people () but he felt better about getting it off his chest.

I personally didn't think it was close to one of the worst robberies of last year, or even a robbery per se ...although 97-91 Guerrero was an abomination - just a case where the "wrong guy" (IMO) won what should have been a close shave either way. You're right, though - what has to be going through the professional athlete's mind when he did everything he was supposed to, both in weeks of preparation and execution on the night & feels certain that he bought himself victory with his blood sweat and toil - just to be told "No. Sorry. You lose. Good day, sir" I was taken off guard by how profoundly this affected Smith and that he chose to share it so openly with the world, and it inspired this thread.
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