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Default Kell Brook vs. Rafal Jackiewicz RBR

Ten minutes.

IB's RBR disclaimer:

DO NOT ASK FOR LINKS! Do not hint for them. Do not ask "what channel?". Do not make any post that could be interpreted as insinuating a link request, even if it sounds innocent (ie stuff like "Gee, I don't have a way to watch this" or "if only this was televised where I live...")

All that stuff will a) get you banned and b) clutter up my thread with quickly deleted posts. The folks at ESB do not want to get sued and therefore have adopted a VERY strict policy of zero-tolerance on stream requests to cover their butts. The moderators DO enforce this policy, and they patrol my RBR threads like sharks so DON'T think they won't catch you.

Oh, and...

If you're dumb enough to discuss streams in any way (again, even seemingly innocent discussion such as asking for a "legal" one) and they see your post and delete it/ban you (it WILL happen, believe me) - DO NOT HARASS ME VIA PM FOR "SNITCHING" YOU OUT. That has nothing to do with me. The moderators patrol the threads, and see the offending posts for themselves without anybody having to snitch. Don't blame me that you did something against the site's rules and got caught/banned. I personally don't give a flying **** what anyone does and am not here to 'snitch' and have neither the time nor motive to get involved with **** like that while doing my RBR reports. The moderators are doing what they're supposed to be doing and the issue is between you and them if you are breaking rules. Just please don't clutter up my threads with posts that are going to get deleted and muck up each page. It's unseemly and disrupts everyone else's enjoyment.

Thank you.

PS. My only other rule in these threads is that, as a matter of courtesy, you refrain from posting spoilers if you are aware of undercard results that most people are going to see televised on delay. Also, if there are two events going on at once keep all discussion of the other card in its own thread, and don't cross-contaminate with spoilers between the two. Thanks.
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