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Default Re: James Toney vs. Bernard Hopkins @ 190 in 2003

Originally Posted by HEADBANGER View Post
this is a very tough one to call because both fighters are so flawed.

peak toney was getting smashed to bits off the likes of sanderline williams, and dave tiberi, and having life and death split decison struggles with the likes of sosa and johnson, before gettin his ass kicked twice by midget griffin and thadzi

hopkins had been butchered by clinton mitchell, mercado and been smashed twice by jermain taylor. hell, hopkins was even jumping out of the ring like a complete ***** against robert allan.

its a tough fight to call though, toney would be juiced up to **** for this fight so that presents real problems for proven racist hopkins. however, hopkins could neutralise this by his repetitive headbutting and continual feigning of low blows, whilst crying like a ***** to the ref.

close fight, i'd go for toneys juicing to be too much for bernard with a 115-113 decision.
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