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Default Re: Revisiting & re-scoring...Fernando Guerrero vs. Ishe Smith

Originally Posted by Manfred View Post
I watched that fight and thought Ishe did enough to win. I know the decision broke his spirit but it is what it is and he just gotta double down. Life aint fair.
True. It's interesting to me that he could arguably be bitter about any of his losses (even if in some cases it would be self-delusion, but that sort of blind pride is common among boxers) and this is the only one that's sour g****s.

I'm looking forward to watching it again and trying to peg down exactly why he thought he won it so clearly and what makes it so hard for him to get over, when my first impression as it happened live was that he'd just barely nicked a close one and was just slightly unlucky not to get the nod.
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