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Default Re: Brandon rios v John Murray Dec 3 on Cotto/Margo. WHY!?

Originally Posted by christo View Post
What the Hell did John Murray do, other than get stopped by
a guy katsidis ****ed up, to get a shot at brandon rios? Also,
why is rios taking such an easy fight when michael katsidis
is obviously not busy. this is a stupid fight and won't go past
3 rounds. If they wanted to warm up fans prior ro Cotto/Margo
then why not get Katsidis to fight rios underneath? **** Arum!
The heck are you talking about? The Cotto-Marg II line-up is pretty sweet. Rios-Murray is perfect for an undercard fight. It'll be a fun s**** for about 4-5 rounds. The majority of people will just be waiting for the main showdown; therefore quick and entertaining fights like these work very well. Besides, Rios-Katsidis is something that deserves it's own event. It's not the kind you want to waste on an undercard. Not to mention Katsidis being a GBP fighter (I think?); making it impossible to use him in a Top Rank event.

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