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Default Re: Jones Jr: The round: Demonstration of all of his tools

Originally Posted by MetalLicker View Post
Let's be fair to DM. He was past his prime when he fought Hall and he did had an easier time with Montell Griffin.

Jones is the most amazing athlete the grace a boxing ring. He's the Lebron James of boxing...a physical marvel that comes along once in a lifetime But despite the amazing gift, he was missing something that would have pushed him up there with the greats like Duran & Leonard.

Greatness is attained through overcoming adversity. He had a partner to tangle with and he never did it. I don't care if Jones could beat DM 10 times over, but the fact that he never did it hurt his legacy. He was also missing solid technical skills and a solid chin.

P4P, I'd take a lot of fighters in their prime over Jones. Jones was just a great athlete, the others have the skills to back it up.
The man never had an equal because he made them look average ..Look at what he did to Hopkins and Toney 2 hall of famers and everyone else that was put in the ring with him .I find it laughable to think DM is some sort of gate keeper to greatness when he himself isn't even that great of a fighter in his own division yet all time !! The man wasn't hit flush in over 15 yrs but yet your going to use what happened to him at the tail end of his career as the reason for his lack of greatness .

If that the case then what does it say about DM who lost to Julio Gonzales who Jones destroyed ! The man cemented his greatness in the 90's and was recognized as such ..None of those people wh gave him that recognition are saying well since he lost we should take it back !
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