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Default Re: Jones Jr: The round: Demonstration of all of his tools

Originally Posted by MetalLicker View Post
Again, DM was past his prime when he fought Gonzales. It's really easy to bring up such defeats because Jones had a number of them when he was past his prime. Clinton woods beat Johnson who knocked Jones out, so Woods must be better than Jones, right? You know how this game works, so stop playing it.

I never said Jones wasn't great, he just wasn't as great as some of the guys I mentioned. Technical skills and consistency goes a long way and it's the reason why many people consider Hopkins a greater fighter than Jones and Calzaghe, despite being defeated by the both of them.

Jones beat a lot of guys with ease, but outside of Toney & Hopkins, none of them had longevity...unless you count Tarver, who knocked Jones out cold. And ever since his first KO, Jones never overcame that defeat and started the free-fall.
Never knew longevity bumps you up a few nothces all time ..If thats the case then Foreman should have been ranked above Ali since he fought longer .Head to head prime vs prime Jones was light years ahead of Hopkins ..Whats even easier is to Rank Hopkins over this current version of Jones .Only that select few would rank Bhops over Roy .

At their best Jones was more accomplished and was the better fighter head to head .For all the **** about their prime people had to remember at the time they fought they were ranked the # 1 and 2 best middleweights in the world with comprable records ..
Hopkins just having the 1 loss .

What has Hopkins accomplished that surpasses what Jones did in the ring outside fight longer? The only reason he even dominated the middeweight division was because Jones left .Yet im supposed rank him higher for what ? Becoming light heavy champ ? Really ?? Longeveity is not a criteria for a higher ranking .
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