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Default Re: Raul Martinez vs. Rodrigo Guerrero & Jackie Nava vs. Soledad Edith Matthysse RBR

Round 4

Martinez is coming forward, hungrily chipping away at the body with both hands. Guerrero trades with him but is backed up to the ropes. Martinez hurts him with a big right hand to the face! Guerrero is dazed and slumps back against the ropes as Martinez pummels him! Somehow Guerrero fights his way off! Big body shots by Guerrero! Martinez is a buzzsaw, flurrying down low and chopping away at Guerrero's head. Hard left hook up top by Martinez. Guerrero lands a HUGE left uppercut!! AWESOME ROUND!! Martinez swings wildly with wide hooks, as Guerrero stands his ground and twists his full body weight into hard uppercuts! Back and forth action!!! Martinez fading as Guerrero seems to pick up strength toward the end of the round!

10-9 Martinez

39-36 Guerrero
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