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Default Re: Portrait of Vitaly - No haters Please...

Great job, ex. Now, I think the Tyson one is perfect:

Originally Posted by exumspate View Post
However, A few things about the Vitali one-great job though. It's just, I feel the jawline could come down a little, the lines in the forehead more pronounced, the brow a little thicker, and also these days, if you're going more current, he's graying, tends to be stubbly and I think his eyes might be blue.

Originally Posted by exumspate View Post
Posted Tyson last week and really appreciated the response...I wanted to get Vitaly up even though not quite finished...
I'm thinking, more like this, just as an example, not a replacement, something to work off of:

Notice, I lowered that jawline, added some subtle dark gray stubble, hair and brow more light gray (it's all about nuance, I feel), thicker brow, blue eyes (shade may be wrong), and deepened the forehead lines. I took facial portrait science at Caxap U, back in 1945 though, so, I'm perhaps, no offense, working on some more "technical" knowledge than most artists.
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