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Default Re: Raul Martinez vs. Rodrigo Guerrero II & Jackie Nava vs. Soledad Edith Matthysse R

Round 6

Martinez circles left and pops a jab to the body. Chopping overhand right from outside by Martinez. Guerrero wades in and trades low-dipping body shots with him. Martinez lures Guerrero back to the ropes and springs the trap with a soaring overhand right. Guerrero throws spearing straight combos at him out of the southpaw stance but can't catch Martinez ducking forward and slipping. Head clash!!! Martinez took it bad. Cut opened up. They stand toe to toe and trade brutal flush uppercuts at point blank range! Bone-shaking punches being landed! Martinez's a bit heavier! Martinez circles out and lands some long body shots. Guerrero flashes his hands out in short, quick, straight bursts. Martinez is hooking at his body and dancing to his left. Guerrero presses in on him and lands a four punch combo to the head. Hard body shots by Martinez. Reaching right uppercut to the body by Guerrero, and he takes several flush chops across the face. Hard body shots continue to be traded until the bell as they bounce off the ropes and stay locked in step out to the center of the ring, firing away!

10-9 Martinez

58-55 Guerrero
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