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Default Re: Raul Martinez vs. Rodrigo Guerrero II & Jackie Nava vs. Soledad Edith Matthysse R

Round 5

Several jabs pressing forward by Matthysse to try and get an early jump on Nava, then back to circling on the outside. Nava hops in place and then comes forward with long clusters of straight fast punches down the middle. Big hook thrown by Matthysse, but slow and easily evaded by a simple lean back from Nava. Matthysse takes hurried steps off to the right, trying to attack Nava from the sides and catch her unawares. Nava spins and pops another cluster at her. Matthysse is troubled by the volume, speed, and defense of Nava and can't find a home for her power punches.

50-45 Nava
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