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Default Re: Raul Martinez vs. Rodrigo Guerrero II & Jackie Nava vs. Soledad Edith Matthysse R

Round 9

Both throw hard stuff standing right in front of each other, with Matthysse favoring uppercuts to the body and Nava peppering her in the face with straight shots and short hooks. Matthysse circles to her left and tries to jab. Nava nails her with two lead rights. Matthysse throws a slow and telegraphed 1-2, and gets ducked. Lead right by Nava, forces a tired Matthysse to grab her and hold on. Nava circles to her right and plants a long 1-2 on Matthysse. HARD left hook to the jaw leaning inside by Nava, and then another to the body. BIG right hand to the face by Nava. Another.

Matthysse took a beating there. Almost 10-8

10-9 Nava

90-81 Nava
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