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Default Re: Raul Martinez vs. Rodrigo Guerrero II & Jackie Nava vs. Soledad Edith Matthysse R

Round 10

Nava jabs and floats in and out of range, up on her toes. Matthysse swings out at her, flat-footed. Nava leans in and grabs as Matthysse tries to decapitate her with a heavy but slow hook. Nava is ducking shots and popping up with lead rights that land flush. Matthysse waves a hook out in the air while pressing forward. Matthysse wants to try and go for the KO but Nava is too slippery. Nava dances all around her on the outside and taunts her with a pecking jab. Matthysse tries to cut the ring off but her feet aren't quick enough. Nava strays too close and takes some thumps to the body, as Matthysse just keeps throwing nonstop uppercuts. Nava dances around, hopping to either side of Matthysse and flurrying at her with flashes of hand speed.

100-90 Nava
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