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Default Re: I blame Morales for the the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight not happening

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
If a faded weight drained Morales hadnt of made Pacquiao his ***** that night, if he hadnt had embarrassed Pacquiao by being so far up on the scorecards that he could switch to southpaw, if he hadnt have ****ed Pacquiao's eye up so bad, Pacquiao wouldnt be afraid of his own blood today.

Just my ****ysis.

Btw, what effect has that fight had on the sock industry I wonder?
For this alone, morales is 50 places above **********.

Morales did not even require osdt to do that.

Finally, I agree with you.

********** is so afraid of morales' leftover he demanded osdt.
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