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Default Re: Where are the drug test results for Mayweather - Ortiz?

Originally Posted by CoDer View Post
NSAC did their own mandatory testing boy, and released the result of their test on public. NSAC never mentioned about USADA result on their report.

Unless you can provide a proof that says otherwise.
Who reports test results and punishes Olympic athletes? WADA or the Olympic Commission? WADA gives their results to the commission, and the commission acts on their findings. This situation is no different.

They shouldn't have to mention the USADA tests as "separate." There is absolutely no need. It's redundant. If morons want to run around thinking that there was no random testing done, when both fighters signed a contract stating that there would be, then keep clucking like a bunch of old hens then. That doesn't change the facts that testing was done and both fighters came up clean.

It was in a SIGNED CONTRACT gentlemen. Not exactly easy to back out of signed contracts. Seriously, you guys are ****ing morons. Of course, the general public is pretty stupid on average anyways. I'm going back to my Ivory Tower now with the other educated people. Peace.
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