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Default Re: Where are the drug test results for Mayweather - Ortiz?

Originally Posted by victor879 View Post
There is nothing to duck bandido. I don't need a source. It's common ****ing sense.

The NSAC is the governing body, not the USADA. The USADA reports their results to the NSAC who is responsible for enforcement of the drug policies. Who goes after athletes in the Olympics? WADA? Or the Olympic Commission? The commission does AFTER WADA gives them the test results.

WADA/USADA have no power to punish athletes. They are a testing organization who reports their results to the respective governing body they are working for.

There was also a report from July 3rd that both fighters cut out of a press conference because of a random test when some doctors showed up. The testing was done guys, seriously. This is non-news.

Like I said: This is the equivalent of a bunch of high school girls gossiping.
So did NSAC already release any test results after the fight? As far as I know, the only results they have released are pre-fight test results, which in the press releases clearly stated that those results do not include the USADA drug testing. In short, USADA's results have not been released yet.
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