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Default Re: Darchinyan v Moreno

i wish vic nothing but the best he is a all action fighter he should be too much for moreno & win via stoppage around 7 to 9 rd. as for him being top 10 p4p i agree with a previous post on here he has to avenge his losses too agbeko & mares i think the problem for vic is when he fights top legit bantams his power shots ( laser left) just does not have the same impact or effect on these naturally bigger fighters. he has to change his style a bit just a tweek here & there instead of throwing every shot to ko he has to throw combinations were only 1 out of 3 punches are his best & hardest shots & move off as he does have the edge in speed against the above mentioned champs A & M. when they rush forward tie them up till the ref breaks them then head back to centre ring & reset again.he can ko them tho but this will only come later in the fight if he wins early rounds & they feel like they need to push forward this could bring them on to his power left & heighten the power off the punch. in short he has to box more as he does have some boxing ability i think this is the only way he can beat agbeko & mares. cheers
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