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Default Re: Loaded hand wraps question (Trinidad/Margarito)

Originally Posted by AP3RE2 View Post
Who said anything about Tony being innocent?
You're trying to take some heat off of Tony's situation with the ad hominem about Tito.

Fact is...Tito's wraps are legal pretty much anywhere but selected states. New York being one of them. Tony's stuff isn't accepted ANYWHERE!

Tito does it. Juanma does it. **** Kessler had the same problem before his fight with Ward. Loads of fighters wrap their hands in suspect manners that bend the rules a bit. DeLaHoya wrapped gauze in between his knuckles until Freddie complained about it, then Robert Garcia complained about the same exact wrapping when Margo when up against Pacman.

Point being...Tito, Kessler, DLH, Pacquiao, Juanma...all used gauze and tape. Margarito didn't. That's why there's so much heat.

Bradley and Clottey are known for headbutts...Ortiz headbutted Mayweather deliberately...are we going to say "Yea Ortiz received a lot of criticism about the headbutt, but what about Timmy Bradley and Josh Clottey??" Gimme a break dude.
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