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Default Re: have we ever produced a legendary boxer, i dont know say someone the ilk of calza

Originally Posted by madmanc3210 View Post
do you just come on here to wind people up or something ?

however did you get that idea?

and anyway. i have more right to post on the aussie forum than you pair of posers. at least im a real aussie, with some blackfella blood running through my veins, that was born here, actually had some fights, have friends that are current aussie boxers, managers and trainers in the sport, and it is one of my many interests.

josey wales and yourself are just refugees, fleeing from other forums where your own countrymen dont put up with you. so why dont you both just **** off, and take that dead****, slapping, 'undefeated ****er' calzhage with you.

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