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Default Re: Good boxing drills

Originally Posted by WhoDrewDat View Post
Nice little workout, but he needs a trainer it looks like. Watch it again, and when he goes into a combo his hips are straight and it's clear his COG is too high... if he takes a heavy counter he's liable to be on his butt. And its hard to do a quick roll out from that position. If he did it occasionally, as a planned attack, it would be understandable for him to square, but he does the same thing every time he rolls into a combo. Overall it doesn't look like he has good body fundamentals, and given he's not actually boxed before it's to be expected.

He needs to have a few guys rapidly throwing medicine to him, chest high, to simulate the force of blows, and that will develop his sense of balance and thus his platform. Speed and strength are great, but unless a boxer can deliver the business quick he better work on the fundamentals of stance first. You get points while standing, not sitting. If you have older brothers you probably remember getting pushed on your butt a lot, and as you got older and quicker, and learned to anticipate, you shifted your stance and the big bullies weren't able to shove you around as much.
You obviously have no clue what your talking about, ''its hard to do a good rollout from that position''.. erm.. no. maybe you struggle to ''roll out'' sometimes but i can roll out from there just fine, and he managed with a few area champs so i dont think things here are quite that basic.. lol.. thanks anyway but when a youtube boxing expert is needed we'll call you.. ''develope his sense of balance'' lol id like to see you shadow box stood on a fitball.

The drill you prescribed is primative at best, throwing medicine ***** chest height? unless your reactions totally stink allyou would learn there is how to brace for impacts you can see and know are coming, bracing for impacts and balance are not the same thing, balance isnt even always necessary for good mobility however the understanding of it is.. either subconsciously or consciously.

Come back when youve read a few basic textbooks on the human anatomy and balance systems.. and when you have even half a clue of what it is your talking about.
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