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Default Re: Tell the truth- Gatti vs. Mayweather!

Originally Posted by Drew101 View Post
Gatti was on a pretty nice run coming into this fight, and had impressed at least a few observers with improved technique that he displayed fights with Dorin and Leija. He was still a big puncher, still possessed remarkable recuperative powers, and was considered to be more proficient at delivering his power than he had been at any point since he'd reigned at lightweight.

Also, there were people back then who questioned whether Mayweather would have the firepower needed to hold off a much larger and extremely durable opponent, and whether he would be able to remain upright the first time Gatti managed to connect with one of his punches.

So, there was some intrigue associated with this fight, regardless of the revisionists attempts to say otherwise. Personally, I expected Mayweather to outbox Gatti over 12, and win a comfortable but not entirely easy decision. I didn't expect PBF to unload on Gatti without remorse and have him in full on retreat mode by the time McGirt pulled him out.

And that's what made this such an impressive performance. It isn't the fact that Mayweather won....Virtually everyone figured that would probably happen. It's the fact that he won more easily than anyone, least of his detractors, expected. Gatti was always the type of fighter who was capable of having moments of success, at the very least, against anyone he fought. Hell, he had even been able to land at a decent rate against DLH for a while.

But Mayweather didn't allow Gatti to have any moments at all...and crafted one of this decade's masterpieces as a result.
This ain't wrasslin man, where your opponent get to "sell" your best shots. LOL...

Mayweather had every right to make Gatti look like the hyped up C-Class fighter he was. That was a VERY good promotional sell and it worked.
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