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Default Re: Loaded hand wraps question (Trinidad/Margarito)

Originally Posted by VARG View Post
You're trying to take some heat off of Tony's situation with the ad hominem about Tito.

Fact is...Tito's wraps are legal pretty much anywhere but selected states. New York being one of them. Tony's stuff isn't accepted ANYWHERE!

Tito does it. Juanma does it. **** Kessler had the same problem before his fight with Ward. Loads of fighters wrap their hands in suspect manners that bend the rules a bit. DeLaHoya wrapped gauze in between his knuckles until Freddie complained about it, then Robert Garcia complained about the same exact wrapping when Margo when up against Pacman.

Point being...Tito, Kessler, DLH, Pacquiao, Juanma...all used gauze and tape. Margarito didn't. That's why there's so much heat.
Thank You! I've noted this (the fact that Tito's wraps were LEGAL almost anywhere else) everytime the subject comes up here... Most ppl over here already know the facts, they are just haters!....... Just ask their burrito leader, right Freddie???? Freddie is a well known hater of puertoricans........After all, not only Tito beat his cute, fishnet wearing idol, but then he went to marry a puertorican girl, ANNNNDDDDDDD to top that off, yeppp, among all places he could've moved in the whole world, guess what??? Yeppp again, he moved TWO OR THREE houses next to Trinidad!!!! WAY TO OWN SOMEBODY, TRINIDAD!!! Rumor is DLH used to stroll in full drag queen clothes in front of Tito's house when having a couple o' drinks.. (looking 4 another, more convincing beating). Love u Freddie!!
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