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Default Re: Tell the truth- Gatti vs. Mayweather!

Originally Posted by Pat$$$ View Post
This ain't wrasslin man, where your opponent get to "sell" your best shots. LOL...

Mayweather had every right to make Gatti look like the hyped up C-Class fighter he was. That was a VERY good promotional sell and it worked.
All I'm saying is that even when he lost, Gatti was still more competitive against other opponents than he was against Mayweather. He gave a larger near prime De la Hoya a better fight than he could against a naturally smaller Mayweather.

The fact that Mayweather obliterated Gatti so easily has less to do with Gatti's lack of ability, in my opinion, and much much more to do with the fact with just how great Mayweather really was.
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