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Default Re: have we ever produced a legendary boxer, i dont know say someone the ilk of calza

Originally Posted by JOSEY WALES View Post
Lmfao Sal really getting to you now aye ? Was it our recent spat that got you back on the grog and off your medication ? Won't be long now till Ippys mob come around with the doctors to put you back in the funny farm , fat little drunken porker , the reason I post here is to educate myself in sport I love you on the other hand just come here to sprout your **** in between stints in the lock up lol , good luck Sal I will still be here when you get back out mate like last time . ps bet your son has recently rediscovered his love of long distance running .poor boy :(
how is englands dirty back door going josey? even the french will brutalise your mob of inbreds.......

youll never have a son, unless its got two heads and comes out of your mother or sister...

yes ive been in the lockup twice overnight. both for drink driving. as for fat, im 66kg this morning, the same weight i fought at, and in my mid 40's i can break your jaw and youd never see it coming.

how do you beat a welshman? line him up against an aussie..

some old english sayings....

The ordinary women of Wales are generally short and squat, ill favoured and nasty
David Mallet
A Welshman prays on his knees on a Sunday and on his friends the rest of the week
Each section of the British Isles has it's own way of laughing, except the Wales, which doesn't
Stephen Lea****
The earth contains no race of human beings so totally vile and worthless as the Welsh ... I have expended in labour, within three years, nearly eight thousand pounds amongst them, and yet they treat me as their greatest enemy.
Walter Savage Landor, British poet, letter to Robert Southey

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