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Default Re: Loaded hand wraps question (Trinidad/Margarito)

Originally Posted by Aztecas View Post
Tito would overwrap his hands and dipp them in hardening water solution to make them hard.

Tito had fake power.

As an amateur, Tito only had about 15 ko's in 80 some fights.
Then he turns pro, loads his wraps, and cheats his way, until Hopkins's team caught him and made him re-wrap.

Tito was a cheater most of his career, and got a "free pass" cause the NY commission let him wrap illegally.

Margarito never cheated.
Margarito tried to use plaster inserts against the steroid cheating-Mosley,
cause Mosley was on EPO, HGH, clear cream, Steroids and other PED's.

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